The first annual symposium of the DIM BioConvS was held on November 14th, 2023 at the Conseil Régional d’Ile-de-France. More than 200 participants attended the event and its vibrant poster session and workshops. Discover the talks, the gallery of the event and the winner of the poster award!

Jessica Albuquerque, winner of the 2023 BioConvS poster prize

Title: Bone marrow niche on chip to study vascular aberration upon leukemia

Speakers: Rodrigues De Paula Albuquerque Jéssica

Authors: Rodrigues De Paula Albuquerque jéssica <> (1), Bessy thomas (1), Reginold jorgina (1), Sagnet lucas (1), Friedrich chloé (1), Bruno luisa (1), Pierobon paolo (1), Kosmider olivier (1), Thery manuel (2), Diana giovanni (3), Passaro diana <> (1)


1 – Université Paris Cité (85 boulevard Saint-Germain75006 Paris France), 2 – Université Paris Cité (85 boulevard Saint-Germain75006 Paris France), 3 – Université Paris Cité (85 boulevard Saint-Germain75006 Paris France)

Mots-clé: Leukemia, Bone marrow, Microfluidics, Vascularization


The bone marrow (BM) is vital for adult hematopoiesis and is implicated in blood cancer development. However, the complex nature of the local environment, comprising both hard (bone) and soft (marrow) matrixes, poses challenges in bioengineering effective humanized experimental models. We have developed a novel vascularized BM-on-chip (vBM-on-chip) that recapitulates the native vascular architecture within a BM-like matrix. This platform allows to investigate the remodeling of the BM niche in the context of leukemia. Our vBM-on-chip contains two matrices with varying stiffness and a perfusable reproducible capillary-sized vascular system. This unique setup enables us to examine BM vascular aberrations in acute myeloid leukemia (AML). We first validated the model’s support for human healthy hematopoiesis, establishing its suitability. We are currently in the process of assessing vascular parameters like flow, permeability, junctions, and architecture in healthy and AML conditions. We plan to further analyse with spatial OMICs endothelial transcriptomic profiles and their association with vascular changes, identifying potential therapeutic targets. Promising candidates will undergo pre-clinical validation using primary AML patient samples in combination with standard chemotherapy in our vBM-on-chip. These findings will pave the way for translational applications in the development of potential treatments.

Watch the conference recordings

Talks from speakers who gave permission to record their talk are shared below. Download the presentation in jpg format to watch alongside the talk.

Opening speech. Download the slides below


Talk by Lyse Santoro. Download the slides below

Scientific talk by Barbara di Ventura. Download the slides below

Scientific talk by Giuseppe Ronzitti. Download the slides below

Keynote speech by Charlène Chorao (CSL Behring). Download the slides below

Keynote speech by Jake Wintermute (Ginkgo Bioworks). Download the slides below

Round table with Anne Jouvenceau (Agence de l’Innovation en Santé), Christophe Lanneau (Genopole), Jérémy Weber (Institut Curie), Stéphanie Allassonnière (Université Paris Cité), Jean Jean-Luc Moullet (CNRS Innovation), and Kenza Belhaj (SATT Paris Saclay)

Workshop #2 by Cécilia Merhi and Brahim Sennane (CNRS Innovation)

Workshop #4 by Elodie Thierion. Download the slides below

Workshop #5 by Amanda Silva Brun and Grégoire Prevost. Download the slides below

Closing remarks by Amanda Silva Brun, Ariel Lindner and Chiara Fracassi

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We are honored to announce that our DIM BioConvS Innovation Day will be held under the High Patronage of Mrs. Sylvie Retailleau, French Minister of Higher Education and Research!

The event will be introduced by the Vice-President of the Région Ile-de-France, Othman Nasrou.

The DIM BioConvS is organizing its annual symposium on November 14th 2023, graciously hosted at the heart of the Région Île-de-France’s headquarters, in the Hémicycle Simon Veil at Saint-Ouen.

This year’s symposium is called Innovation Day. We are planning on bringing together a strong scientific program and the best examples of interactions between academia and the private sector, and especially to raise awareness among academia and young researchers about the innovation workflow, so that more and more of their projects can see an application in the near future.

How to get there

Metro lines 14 and 13 (metro stop: Mairie de Saint Ouen). Exits 1 (Mairie de St Ouen) and 2 (Victor Hugo) are the closest to the venue.

Please arrive at the venue well in advance to complete security checks at the external entrance and registration inside.

Discover the program

Poster session

All the details regarding the posters presented during the poster session are in the file below. Featured posters include projects from the iGEM teams attending the event, as well as the digital platform of the DIM being developed at the Learning Planet Institute.

Featured posters, as well as posters from private companies/startups are not eligible for the poster prize.

You can read the competition rules in the following file:

You can vote for the best poster at the following link (click or scan)

Meet the participants

The venue

Conseil Régional d’Île-de-France

Discover the venue of the Innovation Day: Conseil Régional d’Île-de-France