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Bioproduction and Biotherapy in Ile-de-France

Cartography of the Bioproduction and Biotherapy sector – credits: Institut Paris Région

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BioConvS Perimeter

At launch, CBioConvS harbors a community of 40 laboratories, 70 research groups representing >250researchers, >150 engineers, >300 doctoral students and post-doctoral fellows and XX private sector actors (start-ups and companies)


ComEx members

Anne Galy (INSERM, Genopole), Harry Sokol (PU-PH, INSERM, Sorbonne Université), Pascal Hersen (DR CNRS, Institut Curie – PSL, Sorbonne Université), Stéphane Lemaire (DR, CNRS, Sorbonne Université), Amanda SILVA BRUN (DR CNRS, Université Paris Cité), Ariel Lindner (INSERM, Université Paris Cité)

The consortium

Partners from universities and research institutes: Université Paris Cité, Sorbonne University, Institut Curie, PSL, Institut Micalis (INRAE), INSERM, Université Paris-Saclay, Genopôle. Valorization partners: Medicen, CNRS Innovation, Inserm Transfert, Erganeo, etc.

Industrial partners: Sanofi, Servier, Eligo Biosciences, Biomemory, etc.

BioconvS is co-headed by:

Amanda Silva Brun – CR CNRS, co-coordinator of the IVEth Platform at Université Paris Cité, Faculty of Sciences, vice-president of the French Society of Nanomedicine (SFNano) and co-founder of the start-ups Everzom and Evora Biosciences.

Contact Amanda Silva Brun

Ariel B. Lindner – DR INSERM, Director of Unit U1284 at Université Paris Cité, Faculty of Sciences, member of CSS1 INSERM, co-founder and Director of Biology for Global Good at the Learning Planet Institute (former Interdisciplinary Research Center – CRI).

Contact Ariel B. Lindner