Innovators of Tomorrow

One of the missions of BioConvS is to promote the transition of technologies from the lab bench to the patient’s bedside. To achieve this, we’ve decided to create a set of training and networking opportunities through a “club” called “Innovators of Tomorrow.” Unlike many existing entrepreneur programs, our target is not scientists with existing innovation projects, but rather early-career researchers who are curious and unfamiliar with innovation. It’s an intriguing opportunity for them to step outside the lab and explore whether innovation aligns with their interests. The program will primarily center on synthetic biology, biotherapies, and bioproduction, reflecting the thematic focus of the DIM BioConvS.

You can read all about the program in the slides below.

Amanda Silva Brun introduces the Innovators of Tomorrow programme during the closing remarks of the BioConvS Innovation Day, on November 14th 2023