We would like to share with you an opportunity for research labs working on the thematics of the DIM to profit from supplementary PhD fellowships from the Région Ile-de-France. You can read all details on the Region’s website. The deadline has been extended until April 17th, 2023.

Important information on this call that you might want to consider:

  • This is not the DIM’s fellowship call. It is open to all labs working on thematics related to all active DIMs or QIMs, and it is in addition to the PhD call of the DIM, which will open later in 2023.
  • All applications in the fields related to BioconvS will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee of the DIM, which will give the Region a provisional ranking.
  • It requires an industrial partner to co-sponsor the student. The Region will provide a base package of 105 k € which will have to be completed by the industrial partner. The student will still be employed by the lab (unlike CIFRE).
  • The lab director is in charge of applying. The presence of a candidate for the fellowship will be a plus but it is not mandatory. Should the candidate withdraw, the eventual fellowship is still awarded to the lab, who can nominate a replacement.