To meet the great challenge of doubling the number of Deeptech startups in France, the government in partnership with Bpifrance has launched the i-PhD competition, as part of the Deeptech Plan. It aims to reward young researchers with entrepreneurial projects mobilizing breakthrough technologies. Deadline to apply: March 30th 2023.

Who can compete?

The competition is part of the continuum of innovation competitions (upstream of the i-Lab innovation competition and i-Nov innovation competition).

It is reserved for young researchers or PhD students who wish to create or co-create a deeptech startup based on their research results:

  • Young Doctor“: from the second year of their thesis or Doctors who have defended for less than five years at the deadline for submitting applications. There are no nationality or age requirements for applicants, provided they meet the legal and regulatory requirements for setting up a business in France.
  • using research results”: means with a public research laboratory that supports the project by contributing the results of its research work.
  • Supported in the entrepreneurial structure of their project” via support and/or financial support, by a specialized structure such as OTT (Technology Transfer Organization) or public research incubator.

It is important for a young researcher, Doctor to be accompanied by a laboratory before being able to present his file to an STT or a public research incubator.