Dear members of the BioConvS project,

As you may know, the BioConvS project includes an enveloppe to provide you with a digital platform that should help the BioConvS members flourish by providing you a better overview of members and projects, and help create fruitful interactions that help build together high quality research and products, and get more funding.

At the kick-off meeting, as some of you may remember, we already presented the existing platform, Projects, that we will build upon. We are now willing to launch a series of interviews to better undersand your needs, your wishes, and also your fears or things that you do not want. 

This is a key opportunity to contribute right from the start to creating a platform that will bring you as much value as possible, and avoid bringing you « noise » . 

The interview will be conducted by Iryna Nikolayeva, Product Manager of Projects. They will be one-on-one interviews, and will not exceed 1 hour.

Thanks in advance for your help and engagement!