Deadline extended!

This DIM BioconvS equipment AAP is now open from October 9, 2023 to March 5, 2024 and devotes a total budget of €675,000 to finance the purchase of equipment.

The call will finance exlusively academic labs working on biotherapy or bioproduction in one of the following DIM thematics:

  • Life engineering and bioproduction
  • Development of therapeutic proofs of principle
  • New, high throughput and standardizable analytical methods

Apart from the scientific quality of the project, the evaluation will take into account the strategic nature of the equipment, its sharing and the involvement of young researchers and emerging teams. Collaborative or platform projects will be given priority. Projects encouraging the association of a socio-economic partner are encouraged. Priority will also be given to establishments that have not received DIM BioConvS funding in 2023.

Please note that the funding received by the DIM cannot cover more than 66% of the total cost of the equipment. The remaining 34% must be covered by the beneficiary organisation or through difference sources of funding. Eventual reductions do not count towards the 34% threshold.

You can submit a single request per principal investigator for the financing of equipment whose total cost must amount to at least €7,500 (therefore for a grant of at least €4,950). There is no upper limit for this call (in the limits of the call budget available).