This year, the DIM BioConvS, in collaboration with LabEx WhoAmI?, the GENE Graduate School, and the Faculty of Science of Université Paris Cité, is proud to sponsor three evenings as part of Pint of Science in Paris. Pint of Science is a global science festival that brings researchers out of their labs and into local pubs to share their latest discoveries with the public in an accessible and engaging manner. Through talks, demonstrations, and interactive activities, attendees have the opportunity to learn about cutting-edge research in various scientific fields while enjoying a pint of their favorite beverage.

The DIM BioConvS aims to kindle public interest in the realm of innovative biotherapies through these sponsored evenings. By showcasing the advancements, challenges, and potential applications of biotherapies in an informal setting, they hope to demystify complex scientific concepts and foster a deeper understanding and appreciation among the general public. Through interactive discussions and hands-on experiences, attendees will not only gain insights into the exciting world of biotherapies but also have the chance to engage directly with researchers, ask questions, and explore the possibilities of these groundbreaking technologies. This initiative underscores the commitment of DIM BioConvS to bridging the gap between academia and society, promoting science literacy, and inspiring the next generation of scientists and innovators.


13-14-15 May 2024 at 19h


Deux Point Zéro, 7 rue Blondel 75003, Paris


Register on the Pint of Science website (link to each event below). Registration opens on April 8th and places run out really fast! So if you want to attend, make sure to secure a spot quickly!


May 13th

Nawal Serradji (lecturer, ITODYS laboratory) and Julián Bulssico (postdoctoral researcher, SEED laboratory)

War against the Bacterial Empire: New Jedi

In our galaxy, the human body faces invasions from microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, etc.) that threaten our health. With the help of treatments, the body valiantly attempts to combat them, but over time, resistance develops and these treatments become ineffective. Tonight, come discover new techniques to fight against the dark side of the Bacterial Empire!


May 14th

Caroline Léger + Oriane Onimus (Ph.D. students, BFA unit) and Diego Garcia-Weber (lecturer, Saint-Antoine Research Center) + Nathalie Rolhion (research associate, Saint-Antoine Research Center)

Microbiome, Intestine, Brain: Cheers to Your Health!

The intestine plays a major role in regulating our diet and metabolism, but does it truly act alone? Tonight, delve into the connections between the intestinal microbiome, intestine, and brain to understand their impact on energy balance and health. Discover why their imbalance can lead to the onset of diseases and approaches to better treat them!

May 15th

Lucile Alexandre (postdoctoral researcher, MSC-Med laboratory) and Hugo Salmon (lecturer, MSC-Med & T3S unit)

Mission Biotherapy: Medicines of Tomorrow?

Would you like more targeted therapies? Are you interested in more ethical pharmacological tests? Biotherapies are here for that! Tonight, come discover the fascinating innovations that rely on extracellular vesicles as a means of administering drugs and organs-on-chips as a new platform to replicate the physiological environment of human organs.