Double•Science is the festival of science popularisation, where citizens celebrate, share and contribute to knowledge. Its aim is to encourage the conception of science as a two-ways discussion (“double-sens” in French translates to “two-ways”) between researchers and citizens. The festival will take place from May 26 to 28, 2023 at Ground Control (Paris). It completes the Fête de la science by highlighting citizen collaborations and the sharing of science. The Café des Sciences, L’Exploratoire and the French Physical Society are the co-organizers of the festival. The DIM BioConvS is a co-sponsor of this event.

The first day of the festival, Friday May 26th, is dedicated to professionals from the academic field, researchers of all ages who want to discover how to include science communication and popularisation in their research. Workshops and round tables are organised in order to foster the communication between the science communication professionals and the researchers. The weekend (Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th) will be dedicated to a non-scientific audience: bring your family and friends for a full program of fun and interesting activities!

Our DIM will be present with a stand and we will bring our own reflections on the interactions between science and society. Come say hi!