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[closed] 2023 PhD fellowships call

BioConvS’ first wave of PhD fellowships allocations is now closed.

This call aims at funding projects in line with the thematics of the DIM BioConvS.

Only theses supervised by at least two teams (the second team can be a company) located in Ile-de-France are eligible for this call.

This call will grant 4 PhD fellowships for 130000€ over three years, plus a complementary envelope of 5000€.

Applications will be accepted until May 31st, 2023. Final results will be communicated in early july. For more information on the criteria, evaluation procedure and timeline of the project, I invite you to visit the website of the call.

Who can apply?
Any research laboratory in the Île-de-France region can apply. The DIM will only finance projects involving collaboration between two teams of which an academic partner is the leader and submits the project; another partner, academic or from the private sector, can participate in the project. The lead laboratory will be the project coordinator. A researcher can only participate in one project under this call, either as a leader or as a collaborator.
Do I have to pass through my doctoral school?
No, we collect and evaluate projects directly. Of course there will be a waiting list, and the effective attribution of the fellowship will be subjected to the acceptance of the candidate by the doctoral school.
I am a PhD candidate, can I apply?
Ask your lab to apply by indicating you as the identified candidate. Mind, each researcher can only present one project in this call.
I have a project but I don’t have a candidate yet, can I apply?
No. You need to have a candidate identified (even if not yet accepted) in order to be eligible for this call.
I have a candidate but they have not passed the selection from the doctoral school yet, can I apply?
Yes. Your candidate doesn’t need to have passed the selection yet by the date of the call’s deadline (May 31st), however you will need to demonstrate their acceptance to the doctoral school by the time the results of the call are announced (July 4th). If your candidate is not accepted by a doctoral school, the fellowship will pass to the next eligible candidate in the waiting list.